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Have you ever wished that you’re in Japan right now sipping coffee and enjoying the Sakura blossoming? Well you’re in luck, because Moku Coffee is available right in the heart of Jakarta. Moku Coffee has now expanded into a mini cafe with decorations that resembles Japanese Cafe. Aside from the ambiance, Moku Coffee also offered variety of drip coffee accompanied with variety of teas, like Hoijicha and Matcha flown straight from Japan.

What is so special about mixing tea with coffee?

Drinking coffee and tea boosts energy and providing cozy morning rituals. Both coffee and tea are primarily known for its medicinal properties from the caffeine and antioxidants.

However, if you’re not a fan of coffee, don’t worry, Moku Coffee also serves decaf coffee and lattes. Decaf teas and decaf coffee are caffeine-free, but it also provides high levels of antioxidants.

Here’s a video from Mayo Clinic discussing the health benefit of drinking coffee and tea.

Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea leaves are prepared differently from normal green tea. An additional step is needed to process Hojicha tea leaves, such as roasting it at high temperatures and steaming. This will ultimately help wash away the bitterness in Hojicha tea leaves, which is why it is also popular among children.

In addition, drinking hojicha tea often will help keep your skin smooth and youthful. It will also keep your immune system strong and boost metabolism.


Matcha has similar health benefit with Hojicha tea, but it differs in the flavor. Matcha has a more sweet after taste and can be found as part of ingredients of both food and beverages.

How do we prepare our tea?

Moku Coffee Not So Hidden Secret, Diet Friendly Coffee

Yesm you heard it right, Moku Coffee is diet friendly. Moku Coffee offers variety of drip coffee that is also low in calories. Our Japanese drinks are all under 200 calories, and some are even as low as under 100 calories.

Now that you’re excited to drink drip coffee, here’s some of the popular items on Moku Coffee.

Moku Coffee offers coffee for all types of coffee drinker.

Drip Coffee

Sweet Tooth

  • Pandan Coffee
  • Charcoal Coffee
  • Original Latte
  • Hojicha Latte
  • Mocha Coffee

Do not like sugar

For people who does not like sweet things, then Moku Coffee’s Cold Brew will be perfect. Our cold brew does not use any sugar or milk so you can fully enjoy the fragrant flavor of the coffee beans.

If you like sugar, but not too much, then you can definitely customized your sugar level, either 1/3 sugar or half sugar.

Non Coffee Drinker

  • Pandan Latte
  • Charcoal Latte
  • Original Latte
  • Lemon Squash
  • Hojicha Latte
  • Mocha Latte

Now that you have learn more about Moku Coffee and our variety of drip coffees, come check us out in our new location located in RedDoorz Plus @ Setiabudi Barat lobby or Jl. Setia Budi Barat No.9, RW.3, Kuningan, Setia Budi, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12910.

Our new cafe is also available to rent out for private events or photoshoot. Feel free to contact us on our instagram 🙂

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